Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wearing "RED"

"Women who don a little red dress before going out with a man may find their date more attentive and generous, according to scientists" - BBC UK

"Women who wear red attract more men" - AoL

Red is a powerful and exciting color.We are introduced to the color red at a very early age in life; in fact, red is one of the primary colors we learn about in Kindergarten. The color red can make a statement without doing anything. Are you ready to make a red hot fashion statement? If so, all you have to do is just wear the color red.

If you are not sure when to wear this powerful color of red, here are some helpful tips:

Wear red everyday if you want to. The color red can make a powerful statement that you are in charge type of person. Red is a bright color that compliments most of all skin tones. You can find numerous items in all sorts of fabrics from a red cotton flannel nightgown to a smooth and beautiful cashmere sweater. Perhaps you wish to be the "lady in red" in a gorgeous evening gown for a night out on the town. Wearing red everyday makes the bold statement that you are in charge and you are full of excitement.

 If you're not brave enough to step out decked in red you may want to consider wearing red underneath your clothing.Many retailers offer beautiful underclothing in red.You may also compliment your attire by using "splashes" of the color red.

Wear a beautiful red scarf around your neck or use it as a belt for adorning a black skirt. Place a beautiful red hair comb in your hair.You can even use jewelry to add a splash of the color red to create your own fashion statement. Red rubies certainly add sparkle and are very elegant and tasteful whether you're wearing jeans and a red sweater or a beautiful red evening gown.

Fashion Tips for Wearing Red Fashion

  • Wear red clothing when you want to be noticed, and avoid it when you'd prefer not to be noticed. 
  • If you want to wear red, but it isn't an especially flattering color for you, keep the red clothing or accessories away from your face, and try wearing a red skirt or pants 

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