Wednesday, 14 September 2011

African Prints

 "I love African fabrics, but what can i do with them?"
The answer, of course, is, "Anything you like. Be creative!"
Ankara used to be a fabric that had no glamour value or fashion importance. It was a regular fabric that would not warrant a second look. This was the perception in Nigeria until 2002 when Ovation magazine popularized the trend locally and every lifestyle magazine had a feature on Ankara and its versatility.

Years back, lace fabric dominated the Nigerian traditional attire fashion scene; it was the ‘in thing’; now, Ankara’ (African prints) has taken over in a big way.

Everywhere you turn, Ankara is in-demand; you see people wearing ‘Ghana’, ‘Ivory Coast’ and ‘London Wax’ Ankaras. And the best part of it all is that it is affordable *wink*

African print (Ankara) has taken a huge leap from the streets of West Africa to the hottest red carpets, videos and runways around the world.
It’s about time West African fashion/fabrics got some mainstream recognition. I just wish that apart from Jewel by Lisa, Redbutton Clothing Company & Deola Sagoe, other African designers who are masters at manipulating Ankara fabrics are the ones getting paid to showcase their designs.


  1. This is far too good. Perhaps RedButton is the next big thing fashionwise to come out of Nigeria. Great stuff!

  2. RedButton is the bomb, i love every single piece and can't wait to get some of these fabulous designs for my self.